Should i get contacts?

So to day I ahve to get my eyes check but I already know I need glasses but I dont want to wear glasses. A lot of people have told me to get contacts then. But one of my aunts told me that they make you blinder. What do you guys think? Also if I get glasses im probably not going to wear them. Should I get contacts? What happens if I do wear contacts?

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you should get contacts! I wear them, and they're great!
I hated wearing my glasses, but it sucked not seeing things clearly.
it was just soo wonderful when I got my contacts, I could see everything
soo perfectly. && they come in different colors, which is another upside.
the only thing I should warn you about is the first few times you put
them in and take them out.
it's sooo difficult. I was freaking out and I didn't want them anymore,
cause it took soo long to put in and take out, cause my eyes just weren't used to them. but you get used to them really fast, in about a couple of days.
hope I helped :)

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If contacts made people's eye sight worse, I don't think eye doctors would recommend them to patients or any of that.. Alas, everyone has their own opinion.

Personally, I've never liked the idea of wearing glasses. I have some, though, because I'd rather not deal with the fuss of purchasing tons of contacts or cleaning them daily.

If you need glasses, I suggest getting them. There are SO many different styles you can pick from, really. I'm sure there are some that suit you out there! They're nothing to be embarrassed about. :)

If you want contacts, that's entirely up to you. Go for it. Talk to your eye doctor first, though, and see what he/she thinks.

Contacts, I want them. But scared to get them :(

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