Contacts, i want them. but scared to get them :(

Im getting contacts soon, but im like really freaked out about sticking something in my eye and then squeezing it to get it out. Wouldnt it hurt a lot! I have long sharp nails, wouldnt I like scratch my eyeball. Is it hard to get in and out? Does it hurt.

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lol I wear contacts, there not that bad hun, you get usto putting em in and takeing em out.. and the only way it will hurt is if you have something on the contact.. or if its ripped
and for the nails, you dont use the tip of your finger, you use the flat part of your finger.

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I have them too. I was scared at 1st but its actually really easy.
you dont use your nail you use the flat part of your finger.
the only time it hurts if is there is something on them, you get something in your eye, or if it gets ripped

other then that theyre really easy and a whole lot better then glasses



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yer use the flat part of your fingers and it wont hurt

I think I mite have a STD!! =(

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