Can someone tell me a bit about colour-blind people

Can someone just tell me abit about coloured blinded people?? wot are the main colours they get mixxed up? and wots it like / ect

Answer #1

Well, they are called colour-blind, not colourer blind.

Type it into wikipedia and you get a tonne of information, and also a picture of what people with varying degress of colour blindness see.

Hope this helps!


Answer #2

Red & green, usually are the colors they get mixed up (or can’t see properly) so it’s if there is nothing there…it’s more common among men than women.

Answer #3

If someone is color blind, they can’t see colors most people can. As thedude said, red and green are usually the top colors they get mixed up with. Some people are just color blind in one eye, but most are color blind in both eyes. Some things can be difficult for people like this to do, but most of the time there’s an easy way to teach them example - a stop light… teach them top means stop, middle means slow and bottom means go since they might have a problem telling the colors apart.

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