How badly does it hurt to get a chin piercing?

How bad does it hurt to get your chin pierced does it swell really bad and how do you have to take care of it while its healing??? Does it bother you to talk or anything??

Answer #1

That piercing actually does hurt, it’s a lot of skin and fat tissue to go through. It has to be pierced with a piercing needle also, and if the person does not push hard enough, it wont go all the way through the first time. This is why you always get it done by a professional. You have to take care of it, just like you have to take care of any piercing. Although, you have to clean that one every time you eat, because of all the bacteria and food particlies in your mouth. Some people do have problems with it, because of where it is. It can bang or scrape on your front bottom teeth, and sometimes it even gets caught on your teeth.

Answer #2

HOLY MOTHER. a CHIN peirceing? never even heard of it but EEEK! talk about fileing your sesitive teeth down with a nail file

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