How can a person live when being shot multiple times in the chest?

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That actually depends on where the bullets hit, what sort of bullets hit them and how fast the person was taken to hospital.

There are bullets that will explode in the target, and such that will fly into flinders. You can hardly survive being hit in the chest by one of those.

Some bullets will simply leave a hole and might get stuck somewhere inside the chest or they can fully penetrate and just leave a hole with two wounds, one entry and one exit wound.

Somebody can survive those if they do not damage any of the major blood vessels. If any artery in the chest or the heart ventricle is hurt, a person will probably die of inner bleedings. If there is blood in the lung, the victim will suffocate.

If the lung is pierced, but no major blood vessels are hurt, that will be painful but the person can still catch some breath. A few people also survived bullet hits in vital organs, even the heart, if they were taken to a surgeon really, really fast.

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They survive by sheer luck and exceptional surgery skills ... my stepfather is a living example - a rifle shot at short range blew away 3/4 of his lungs and a portion of his heart ... he wouldn't have made it if not for the quick thinking of the doctor who saved him.

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it depends on multiple things. if your a wizard and possibly possessed by demons and your name is Rasputin then you just can. your a wizard nothing can stop you.... except cold water...... or where you get shot... in the arm would hut badly but would most likely survive.

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Thank you guys.

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