What is the average number of times a person should pee?

What is the average amount of times should a person pee in one day

Answer #1

depends on how much you drink. peeing a lot is not a bad thing.

Answer #2

I am also a ten year old girl and I urinate at least 6 times a day, or less. I urinate many times when I drink fluids every 2 hours or less. But it only continues for one day and it ends. An average person should urinate about 15 times a day, or much less but there’s a possibility that I might be incorrect anyway it all depends about your body.

Answer #3

I am a ten year old girl and I went to the bathroom like twenty times in one day and people thought something was wrong with me and I told them that I just had a lot of water so how many times am I supposed to pee in on day

Answer #4

None for one person is dif

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