If a person was deaf, & they had a dream wif people talking, would they be able to hear what the people in their dream are saying?


Answer #1

Great question. Unfortunately, only the deaf members on here would be able to inform us if it is the case. Would be interesting to find out the answer thou. :o)

Answer #2

I know, it’s bothering me, i wanna know. D:

Answer #3

I would think they could because it all happens in their minds, I mean they’re imagining it

Answer #4

If they were born deaf, then unfortunately I don’t think so. They have never heard anything so how could they possibly imagine noise (voices)? It would be like me telling you that there is a new colour called puggle. You have never seen puggle so how would you ever know what it looks like? Try imagining a new colour… you can’t. Same with try imagining a new sound… you can’t. So if you never knew what sound was, how could you imagine it?

But as for people born with their hearing, then loosing it- I guess they would be able to dream-hear things but I’m not 100% sure.

Answer #5

If they were born deaf, no not like we see people talking. The talking that they would see would be from their perspective or viewpoint.

Answer #6

i don’t think so, they would probally only see their mouths move. Being deaf, they wouldn’t know what a voice would sound like. it sucks : /

Answer #7

they can still hear their own thoughts otherwise how whould they make decisions… :S as a dream is just like talking in your head as you sleep then id say that deaf people can hear their dreams

Answer #8

Mayby if they could hear before they got death. others who where born death i dont think so.

Answer #9

it’s kinda weir to mistake words “deaf” and “death”, don’t you think? o_O

Answer #10

I guess the expression of “sound” would be similar to the dreams of blind people. Their dreams look a bit different, imho.

Answer #11

My dad is blind in one eye, deaf in one ear, and partially deaf in the other.. he can hear and see perfectly in his dreams. I think that’s why he sleeps so well.

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