How do you say "the time will come" in a different language?

how do you say “the time will come” in a different language? please say the language and how it’s said. I am working on designing a tattoo and that saying is very important in the design.

Answer #1

‘’die Zeit wird kommen’’ = German ‘’den tid vil komme’’ = Danish ‘’de tijd zal komen’’ = Dutch


Answer #2

le temps viendra - I prefer french (: hope this helped !

Answer #3

el tiempo vendrá - spanish

Verrà il tempo- italian

Answer #4

spanish: Viene el tiempo.

or… el tiempo ha llegado. hope I helped =)

Answer #5

“darating din ang panahon” - filipino

Answer #6

الوقت جاي AL WAKT jay …pronounced like that AL> the wakt>time jay> will come

its arabic ,, Im egyptian btw

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