Why do people and what and where they should get a tattoo?

It is there Tattoo and they have to where it for the rest of their life.

Answer #1

While i do agree with you, i have tattoos that ive talked to the artist about how it should look and the placement of it. Simply because, i myself, am not an expert in tattoos and i would rather have someone who knows what they are doing and has alot of experience help me weigh the pros and cons of certain areas, how well the ink will hold in certain areas, what colors look better together when applied to the skin, etc.

Answer #2

Well I guess being a guy this is easy for me to figure out. I put a tattoo on my arm just high enough that I could wear a t-shirt and it would not be seen. I got my tattoo when I was 32 and I thought about what I wanted for many years. My tattoo has both my boys names on two swords under my family crest. I did not nor will not ever tattoo my wife’s name on me for this is bad luck, unless my wife was to pass before I.

Answer #3

Theres alot that goes into tattooing, thats why i think its a good idea to listen to the artist and ask his/her opinions on certain things. I currently have 11 tattoos, my fiance has 9. We went this past weekend with a basic idea of what he wanted, but he had no clue where he wanted it or exactly what he wanted it to look like. The artist was amazing and came up with a great idea and place to put it, so that he could get a matching more girly one when stella was born underneath. I posted a picture of it this morning in my phots.

Answer #4

I think people get tatoos to express themselves

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