I don't get how people can murder someone

I don’t get how people can murder. Taking someone’s life and enjoying it. How sick can you get?! I can’t slap someone, never mind kill them! I really don’t know how anyone could do it! And what on earth must be going through their mind?

Answer #1

Murders are almost always people with some sort of Psychological condition. So in a way, they are not normal people. Most of them think what they are doing is completely ok, they tend to detach theirselves from reality.

Answer #2

I dont get how they can decide that it was an mental problem that the person killed someone and not for others. So sain people kill others?.. Perhaps they think life is just one big game. Is life one big game?..
What is death anyway?.

. .<..

Answer #3

never got it, I mean, if you can murder someone then you can surely kill an animal I agree VERY SICK MINDED!

Answer #4

they just do it and dont look back just like killing a fly or something

Answer #5

woah ally! I’ve never heard that one before ^^ do you mind telling me? if not.. its totally fine (:

Answer #6

I know. Did you hear about sophie lancaster? she had injuries consistent with being hit by a truck

Answer #7

I see nothing wrong with vigilante murders, but cold blooded killing I shall never understand.

Answer #8

omg. I never understood! they are sooo horrible minded and sick people!

Answer #9

I think that they are mentally ill people.

Answer #10


Answer #11

I could do it if the situation was right. Or wrong, perhaps.

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