Why do people at school disrespect shy people?

Answer #1

Cuz its easy, the shy ones usually won’t talk back

Answer #2

Because bullies (or people otherwise) find them easy targets. People who are shy often aren’t very confident, or they definitely don’t seem that way. Due to this, most people assume that being rude or nasty to them won’t actually get them in trouble. So.. although it’s bad, they just keep doing it.

Answer #3

Because they don’t expect them to charge back & they look at them as most vulnerable & will take in the insults deeper than other people will.

Answer #4

Because some people think shy people are being ignorant or because they are just jerks

Answer #5

Often shy people won’t stick up for themselves which makes them easier targets to be made fun of because of the little chance of any sort of retaliation. Why people feel the need to disrespect or make fun of others is a whole different story & I wish it’d stop.

Answer #6

Just because they are the easiest target, a bully is not going to go bully someone who she/he is scared of, he or she is going to go after someme who is lower than them and that can be intimidated. Shy people just let things happen too, they don’t tend to defend themselfs, or tell anybody of what’s going on at all. They just let it pass making the bully have more power, thinking he or she is ‘cool’ and has ‘power’ But, sometimes shy people ignore it so much that the bullies give up, just because they are not showing effects, but that’s rare. I just think bullies need to stop having low self steem and need to start finding themselfs insteadof hurting other people because they don’t know who they are don’t know how to fit in.

Answer #7

Because it’s easy. :[

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