How can I show people I'm not shy or afraid?

ok so im like a loner. I barely have sum friends and everyone thinks im a depressing freak!!! im naturally quiet. One of my teachers was like “If you want to ask any questions, feel free to ask…dont be SHY..” WEll I THINK a lot and thinking+creativity= ME Whenever people look at my face they ‘ll suspect that I’ve had some issues in the past years of my childhood…(which I did by the way) Yes, I ve heard that a lot. “dont be afraid” “Why are you always so quiet?” “You look kind of sick” “Are you OK honey?”

WHAT CAN I DO TO PROVE TO THEM THAT IM NOT SCARED AND SHY? ( I mean come on… I have a life too…)

Answer #1

I’m also kind of an introvert. People always want to explain the unknown. Since they can’t explain you, they ask questions to better understand you, hoping that maybe they can be the person to solve the mystery. Truth is we’ve all had problems (childhood and adulthood) but don’t make the mistake of letting a bad memory decide the rest of your life. Explain to people that you just prefer to be alone with your thoughts. If people say you look sick just tell’em you feel fine. Parents and teachers are the worst. Just think of your mind as a buried treasure. Everyone wants to find it, but only you know about it. But here’s a good peice of advice. Sometimes you just have to tell people what they want to hear in this situation. I’m not saying lie, but if you start to seem boring, then they are most likely to leave you alone. Take it from someone whose been there. I hope this helps in some way.

Answer #2

Just be youself.Try not to care about others.If you really want to prove to them,then go talk to them. Good Luck! ^^

Answer #3

You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone.

I personally consider myself an introvert, but people like to assume I’m shy - when they first meet me anyway. I don’t know how they get that.

Answer #4

wow you are really just like me. LOL. I am quiet but as long as long as I am with my buddies you know the quieitness will naturally go away when we have fun together. SO hang around people who are different from you but accept you for who you are. You will see that you will start to act out more than usual because you are in a group.Then when you do that often it will turn into a habit then into a character. Soon people will notice that you are not shy. But you know xigxag is right don’t do this to prove to anyone. Do it because you want too.

Answer #5

I’m going to get some flack for this.Pick the weakest guy in your class, and snap and beat the crap out of him. Or you might just try keeping yourself around people, either in a lounge, or try running for positions in groups, so as you work with people, you can establish friendships and relationships with people. Both tactics have worked for me, the latter being more fulfilling, but less fun. :-)


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