Why do people get offended when you talk about religion?

I love to talk about my religion, but Im always afraid to talk about it cuz I dont like to offend people. I hate conflict, and I always change the subject if an argument starts to occur. But at the same time, I want to tell people about my beliefs and stuff, so what do I do? Religion and politics always make people argue and I dont want that. Why do people get offended?

Answer #1

its true, people judge people depending on their religion. it can start fights and i guess its just because people feel vunerable that their beliefs or ‘their’ society is at risk of being infiltrated or challenged by others. may i ask what religion you are?

Answer #2

because everyone respects his own religion and never want to listen against it..

Answer #3

well i think u can speak out about ur religion WITHOUT saying other religions r wrong or sth like that.it always hurts to hear against what u believe in.like how would u feel if someone talks bad about ur family or bf/gf or best frnd?u will feel offended because u believe in them so much.so do ppl in their respective religion.me and my friends of other religion do ask about each other’s belief and ways of worship.none of us get offended because we never say that sth is wrong in ur religion.we say this will happen to me if i do this bcz i am from that religion.and they say okay my this thing will become like this bcz in my religion it is so but nothing will happen to u as u r not from it.so that makes it easier to communicate about religion.

Answer #4

It’s safe to share it with people that believe in what you believe in, religion is a picky subject simply because it condemns people outside of religion. Basically, no matter what you do, you’re always gonna start out on the wrong foot with people, making you look like an irrational theist. Oh and don’t always think your religion is certainly the right one, that just makes it worse, a lot worse.

Answer #5

I think the biggest reason people get offended is because when there is a difference in beliefs between those two people it usually means one belief contradicts the other completely.

Answer #6

Because people just take it way to seriously.

Answer #7

Because it’s a personal subject; you condradict their beliefs or say something they don’t believe in, it’ll get touchy. I don’t get that though. I have friendly religious debates with others. They never seemto be offended by what I put forward :3

Answer #8

agreed One doesn’t mind spewing out is own ideas & beliefs, but many still need to learn how to unbaisly listen. Many do not like to hear anything hat may contradict their belief in any way shape or form, no matter how small or large the contradiction may be. I find it pathetic.

Answer #9

You can’t have it both ways. Religion and politics are heavy subjects and people tend to get a little emotional about them. You’re going to have discussions and disagreements. Either you dont talk about your beliefs (which is a general policy I have when it comes to friends, family and colleagues), or you deal with the fact that you have brought up a controversial subject and be prepared for some emotions. There’s nothing wrong with educated discussion.

Answer #10

Most things in this life are driven by fear. Once we learn that we are merely human beings and that we are supposed to be wrong sometimes so that we can learn to become better, perhaps people won’t be so afraid to talk about it.

One thing though, religion is a man-made thing and often has little to do with God and His law even though it may appear that way. Preachers, ministers, priests are only permitted to teach from the scriptures, not from their opinion. There are many religion but there is only one bible and one God.

Answer #11

I think it’s best to let other people bring it up. For example, what you can start with is just by saying: I’m a christian and if there’s anything you’d like to know just ask. That way you don’t intimidate anyone. You don’t really need to talk about religion, you just have to live your life wonderfully and by example. I have people always asking how come I’m so respectable.

Answer #12

because they think they’re right no matter what. in my opinion religion isnt even worth talking about

Answer #13

because they think they’re right no matter what. in my opinion religion isnt even worth talking about

Answer #14

Those who get offended don’t know the meaning of religion and in their ignorance hey get offended. Of course something which is said offensively purely to hurt the others feelings and faith is absolutely wrong, if one is religious he/she must not do this at all.

Answer #15

A couple reasons. One people put a lot of stake of who they are as people in what they believe, and when someone starts showing that their beliefs may be founded in lies, that puts their personal identity of themselves into question, it hurts and they get angry. Next people on the other side (non-theists) think it is ridiculous that people base their existence on something that has no factual basis in reality and thus get frustrated when they are talking to someone who believes in a supernatural zombie jew that threatens to send them to eternal hellfire if they do not telepathically recognize him in three parts at once as their master…..sounds pretty crazy huh?

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