How does inhaling insence smoke affect you?

K so recently I’ve started burning inscence in my room in the evenings. The smell is called “Sweet Nectar” and I love it. Obviously inscence is meant to be smelt but I like standing over it and breathing in the smoke through my nose. I don’t smoke but I’ve tried it and weed twice, but it did nothing for me besides the thrill of being bad. I hate smoking but I get something from the inscence. I don’t feel high or light headed but I feel good and forget where I am. It’s funny because I hate smoking. I know I’m very effected by smells and they seriously alter my mood and do like some bad ones like the smell of diesel, glue and white out and paint but I don’t sniff them because I know how bad they are!! So what about the inscence? It is smoke that rises from it isn’t it? because the stick is burning.

The inscence pack says “All Natural” and they’re hand made fresh from the finest ingredients and use no animal products or test on them.

They’re a product from ‘Fragrance Universal (inscence plus) Limited’

Answer #1

Nothing is really “safe” to inhale, except for things you should inhale, of course. Just don’t directly smell it.

Answer #2

I dont think it does but smoke is smoke so cancer is on the way??? :S

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