how many people here own they OWN laptop or pc or both and how many ??? E

Answer #1

im trying to see how much id make if i stole them all >:P


Answer #2

lol…I have a desktop and a laptop, and I’m about to get another desktop

Answer #3

I have my laptop. It’s an Acer, whatever, it’s still running knock on wood I had a PC, but like, it was from before the year 2000, and it could barely run dial-up. If you clicked on something, it would take like five minutes to open it. It was ridiculously bad.

Answer #4

1 laptop, 2 desktops. All 3 are brand new.

Answer #5



Answer #6



Answer #7

yay new computer :D


Answer #8

2 destops ! 4 laptops

Answer #9

I have 2 desktops, 1 netbook. I direly need to fix the one desktop, though. D:

Answer #10

got one laptop!…its pink,dell and umm thats all:D

Answer #11

I have a Toshiba and a Dell and 2 desktops of which I have no idea what brand they are haha.

Answer #12

I have a desktop…i try to upgrade every 2 years or so since it is a huge investment as is…but once you start having issues with it like like the sound card on the mother board then you have no choice…you have got to replace that then get new memory & since your already in the swing of it you say ah for the price of a new faster quieter processor…i will just throw that in…and get a bigger HD for another 30 bucks…before you know it…total is like 500-700 but that still is cheaper then getting a ready built one that might be on some display at your nearest best buy store or office depot not to mention staples…fewy! dont be tempted to get those deals…not unless you know what your are getting or have someone who can suggest something for your needs!

Answer #13

I have two desktops (one broken) and a laptop.

Answer #14

i have a netbook (the minni laptop) :P

Answer #15

i have ONE laptop and thts it…10.1 inch screen purple acer haha

Answer #16

two desktops, one imac, one amd pc

Answer #17

I own one laptop which is Dell Inspiron.

Answer #18

My mom technically owns my PC but it’s mine seeing she has her own laptop. My PC is a Compaq from 2006, but it’s made it VERY far.

Answer #19

i have 1 pc but own loads. the others are in my moms garage (id guess at around 6 with hundreds of spare parts) but all still work. at this moment in time im working on 3 friends computers and 1 friends laptop. 2 broke, 1 being upgraded and the laptop is being regooped and overclocked

Answer #20

I have a laptop, its pretty and purple. Its mostly used for writting my thesis at the moment, boring…

Answer #21

well i dont own one….i have to share one with my freak of a sister and my idiot of a dad…..good times for me -_-

Answer #22

a computer that is ^

Answer #23

i have 2 iMac 27in 2.8GHz and 1 macbook air and 1 HP Pavilion dv6z in my room and den then my brother has the same just not and hp my parents have 4 iMacs 27in and 2 macbook airs

Answer #24

i have one of them :D


Answer #25

I have a laptop.. Gateway.. red.. so perty. I remember being so proud because I paid for it myself :P

Answer #26

I own 1!!!

Answer #27

I do!

Answer #28

Me:) Ive had two. My sister has one. My dad has one. My stepmom has one. My family has two desktops. My family has a total of 4 laptops two desktops.

Answer #29

i got my own pc :} pass and everything no one touches it and my sister has her own laptop

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