who can other people see what im doin on my laptop ?

I’ve got my own laptop and it is connected to a wireless connection my brother uses his ps3 on the same connection and my other family members use there computer of it so can they see what im doin on my laptop ?

Answer #1

There is a program, but you must have installed on your pc and also your family opn their computer. Or there is another way, by remote desktop, when you aren’t in front of you pc and it’s started.

Answer #2

the best way for them NOT to find out…go to internet explorer>at the right go to safety>in private browsing… that takes you to a secret browser and you can do anything and cant be traced

Answer #3

Tangledtestie, I’ve seen the rest of your comments looks like soo ner or latter your account is going to be dissabeled… oh wait it alredy was you just opened a new one whit a new e-mail and user name…

Anyway, not they can’t like meaby if they are sitting beside you…


Answer #4

It all depends on how yyour network is set up. its possible that they can but its also possible they cant. id suggest not doing somthing that you wouldnt do infront of your family such as look at porn. I was caught doing that worst desision of my life, I wasnt even caught on the same day it was likr 6 months later. So be carful what you do.

Answer #5

only if ther looking over your shoulder lol… ther is a program that happens to trace the keys that your typing but thats pretty much it lol

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