How many people don't understand how search engines work?

I’m surprised, constantly how many people do not understand how search engines work. Google, Yahoo, Bing etc…they scan websites (like ours) and then, when people type in something on Google, they find a list of sites & advertisements. One of those might be ours…or might not be.

But, the reason they have information for people is because they scan websites like FunAdvice…if there were no websites other than the search enigne…, Google would be useless. Completely broken.

So…when we ask people not to answer “look it up” or “google it”…is that asking too much? Really?

Answer #1

A see what you mean, but if someone generally asks a question am interested in a google it meself, doesn’t mean am being driven away from the sight or anything because am on this daily pretty much lol but al bear it in mind for future reference no to mention google it ;)

Answer #2

I get it. How search engines work and why the staff really doesn’t like people to answer with “google it” (it sends people away from the site for information rather than using the site itself for the information). But, sometimes the subject the person is asking advice for is really not an opinion based issue and they want facts not beliefs.

Answer #3

I understand how search engines work, not the technical bits just the simple word scan and match.

It’s not too much to ask at all!! There is some stuff that you just can’t find by googling it. Before I ask a question I always google it, if I can’t find it, I ask!! lol


Answer #4

I understand how search engines work? I don’t think it’s asking too much, but it’s easier to answer that and people who say “look it up” probably feel clever for saying it? I’m not sure…

Answer #5

people are lazy they rather have someone else answer a question that they could easily find on wikipedia or a site like that, I asked this question on another site and someone’s answer was “because it’s more fun to ask a question, b*tch”, I’m sure he was just another moron on the internet but I have to respect everyone’s answer

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