What d people find so interesting about smoking?

I personally find it really disgusting. But so many people these days are smoking, and not just older people but young teens.

Answer #1

Lack of knowledge :]

Answer #2

It’s addictive. When I used to I literally had to WORK to get addicted, i hated it and had to force myself to smoke. I thought I was cool. It’s dumb though, kids think it makes them seem older and “cool”. It doesn’t.

Answer #3

Nothing’s really interesting about it, it’s used to relieve stress for some and others might do it to fit into the crowd. Some know the consequences of doing it and just go along with it. I can’t really find anything interesting about it. There’s a lot of reasons as to why people choose to do it, there really isn’t a universal reason for everyone that does it. But one things for sure, it has addictive properties in it and it can be extremely hard for some to quit.

Answer #4

i don’t think they find it interesting. Personally i hate that people smoke! i have asthma and they are ruining the air for me and others! Grr… I want to make a shirt that says ‘’keep smoking,i want you to die’’ :) —anyway,i think people do it as a social thing. And then it becomes addicting. I don’t see why people want to poison their lungs and screw up the heath of others around them. I think it’s selfish and rude.

Answer #5

Nothing interesting about it….it’s an addiction. Once hooked it’s a pain in the butt..


Answer #6

nothing, i wish i never started it is the worst habbit ever !

Answer #7

omg for kids, they do it to look ‘cool’ and to blend with the crowd, which I find pathetic !

Answer #8

I have absolutely no clue. My friend used to be antismoking, a year away in college and he comes back smoking (uhm yeah, apparently it’s not just children who end up getting peer pressured).

Answer #9

Its habit that ppl cant stop doing. i find it very nasty .! buut my family and friends do it; and i wont hate them just becouse i dont like it, people are diffrent

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