What do people find appealing about Hookah?

Answer #1

it tastes good and its fun to blow smoke rings

Answer #2

Is it fun? I never tried it but I’m supposed to go this weekend.

Answer #3

yeah i like it alot

Answer #4

The Hookah can be used by more then one person at the same time with the right components. The Hookah can be used for many different substances such as Tobacco, Marijuana, Opium, Etc. I also believe that it can also hold more then a bong, waterpipe and pipe.

Answer #5

Cool. Thanks.

Answer #6

Is Hookah like Shisha?

Answer #7

Yes, I believe Shisha is another name for Hookah.

Answer #8

Think about the billions of people who smoke ciggarettes. Okay now take out the nasty flavor and add some delicious fruity flavors, then add that good hookahs can be smoked by groups of people at the same time and can be used as a social pastime, then theres also the fact tha hookahs can be loaded with other things other than flavored tabacco such as marijuana and other dr.ugs, then last but not least…anytime something is done by large groups of celebrities it catches on and becomes popular. I personally dont use hookahs because i dont like smoking anythingg.

Answer #9

hookah tastes good. and its a blast to sit in a huge circle with all your friends and pass it around. plus, you can do a ton of different smoke tricks that you can’t do as well with other things. you’re not meant to inhale it though. just take it in your mouth to get the flavor and blow it out (:

Answer #10

It actually has flavor? And the average percentage of teen smokers goes up another 20 %….

Answer #11

Its all just shisha reallyyyy its way better than smoking a cigarette thoughh it doesnt have the nasyyy nicatinee and shittt in it. the only suckish part is you dont even get high. its mostly only for cigarette smokers who can’t quit. And some people just like to look cool. but it also taste good.

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