grown people acting inmature

well last night my sister had her baby. I didnt go see that night. so I went today with my brother and his girlfriend. and them two have to be the most inmature people ever!. first we walk in the hospital. start walking to her room. my brother girlfriend is cussing loud. everyone just looking at us. so we got in the room. and my brother girlfriend. start eating my sister food. even tho my sister said she dont want it. I think she did want it. she just didnt want to be mean or stupid is that!. you cant just walk into someone who not your family. and the first thing you say is. are you going to eat that!. and she was being loud in the room. ( my sister baby was in there to). so we left. and we start walking back to the parking deck. them two fool start tripping each other. in front of every body. and laughing real loud. so I had enough of this inmature stuff. so I kick the crap out of my brother girlfriend. and almost made her trip. well them two fool stop doing that and just walk. then they start running down the hallway in the hospital. laughing loud again. then we finally got out the hospital to the parking deck. we got in my brother car. she said hit them people behide us and laugh. I mean dang these her and him is 18 and 19. and I act more mature!. am 14!. the bad part is we in a public place. and they acting like 5 year old. who agree with me?

Answer #1

by the sounds of it they seem very immature…I hate when people are cussing in public with no regards to who is around them. :/

Answer #2

Yeah since they wern’t drunk or high, I would COMPLETELY agree with you… They are simply immature.. Lol I couldn’t ever be able to stand that… I envy you!

Answer #3

I agree 100% with you. It is amazing how immature they are… they are PERFECT for each other.

Answer #4

no they wasnt drunk or high or on any drug

Answer #5

Well hun we’re they drunk? Or high ? :/

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