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I am really nervous about the possibility of an event. My girlfriend might need a pelvic exam. We promised each other that once we lost our virginity that no one else would see us naked. Now her mother is adamant on going into the exam room with her. I really don't want her mom to see what is between her legs. My girlfriend is 16 and is really matured. My question is this. Because my girlfriend would have a drape around her legs, would her mother be able to easily see inside. She said that she is sure her mother would be facing the other way the whole time but I am just paranoid. There is a huge chance she won't need to get it done anyways...but is there any advice for me?

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OK thats cool that you all made that pact. But she does need to see an ob/gyn now that she is sexually active. Doesnt mean that you gave her something or anything, but there are internal things that can happen. Her mother will most likely be out of the room but if she insists she will be standing at your girlfriend's head and not be able to see anything. But you must remember that doctors and nurses dont count as seeing her naked as theyve seen thousands of people naked and they think nothing of it.

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This is why you don't have sex before marriage - all the drama.

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Thanks for the help mcfuson.
And as for freefromself... it has nothing to do with me growing up. My girlfriend is so scared she is making her self sick and has been raped before. No need to tell me to grow up.

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dude shes her mother and another thing is her mom doesnt want to be all up and her sh!t she can just tel her mom she dont want her there to ... but 4real doctors gota see her naket and her mom seen her naket before you eva did..

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