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Triggered Physical Therapy is a boutique-style niche women’s health physical therapy practice designed for women, by a woman.
Founded by Dr.Oluwayeni Abraham, TPT was launched from a place of purpose and insight after seeing a gap in the collaborative care of women in healthcare. The body of a woman is a sacred space and is often shared during childbearing years or subject to hormonal changes that may result in painful menstrual cycles, complex pelvic pain conditions or infertility. With a mixed approach in holistic practices and western medicine, treatments are designed to restore the body and allow for a natural healing process to take place. We believe in gentle, yet specific hands on manual treatment sessions and educative practices to leave you empowered, healed and equipped to conceive post-treatment.

We believe that God created each woman with a uniqueness and thus, design specific treatment plans to target pelvic pain, fertility restrictions and a myriad of women’s health related conditions.

"Curated treatment designed to provide valuable care for women. A holistic and evidence-based approach to encourage you to rethink your journey to conception and women's health."

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