Which is better, peanut butter, or chocolate fudge?

Answer #1

Fudge :D Peanut butter gets stuck to the roof of my mouth D;

Answer #2

FUDGE you should know that ! :)

Answer #3

I do but I don’t have enough stuff to make both, maybe chocolate peanut butter

Answer #4

Peanut butter. I hate fudge. It’s gross.

Answer #5

Hmm, toughy toughy, but I’ll have to say penut butter. I just LOVE penut butter lol

Answer #6

chocolate peanut butter humm try that and let me know how it taste lol .

Answer #7

chocolate peanut butter humm try that and let me know how it taste lol .

Answer #8

I have had it b4 I don’t like it but everyone else does lol

Answer #9

mix both together. That’s best

Answer #10

Lol im about too go try that .

Answer #11

Let me know if u like it

Answer #12

Depends how you define better. Peanut butter is healthier, but I prefer chocolate fudge

Answer #13

Chocolate fudge, I’m allergic to peanuts =(

Answer #14

I like chocolate fudge better than peanut butter fudge, but both are delicious. Perhaps you could make both : )

Answer #15

peanut butter fudge :D. Or even better peanut butter & chocolate so you can eat them together :d.

Answer #16

Definitely fudge. I don’t really care for peanut butter all that much.

Answer #17

chocolate fudge….widout a 2nd thought

Answer #18

Without a doubt, chocolate fudge :D

Answer #19

WHAT?!?!?!?! Lolz jk =)

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