Peanut Butter and banana sandwiches?

I live in UK and have heard that before when I went over to America (Peanut butter and banana sanwiches)…Is it the same as what british call peanut butter and banana?

Please help :D xxx

Answer #1

im gunna take a wild stab at this one and say that a peanut butter and banana sandwich, has both peanut butter AND banana, regardless where you go

Answer #2

yes they are the same im pretty sure… unless you guys put a different extra condiment on themor something but im pretty sure they are the same. = ]

Answer #3

I’m not sure but I know I love me a peanut butter and banana sandwich in America!!! LOL

Answer #4

uh… probably. I’ve never had one.

Answer #5

wow im not sure what your asking

Answer #6

In the U.S. we spread the peanut butter on the bread and add sliced bananas.

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