Nutella and peanut butter

boring and random but im am bored and random lol just curious. I have tried peanutbutter and nutella with so many good foods…what have you combined any of those two with.

other that eating Nutella (chocolate hazelnut spread) or peanutbutter alone or on bread

Answer #1

Erhm well I was talking to my friend about nutella and banna toasties. They seem like there going to be yummy but I haven’t had the chance to combine them yet.

&& surely this question goes in “food and dining” not relationships.

Answer #2

oh my god you like nutella and peanut butter sandwhiches too?!!! I’ve never heard of any one else that liked them iam in love with them they are sooo good! I like eatin a banana with crunchy peanut butter some times or a nutella peanut butter and honey sandwhich. or dippin a cookie in nuttela/pb. hmm or maybe some ice cream with nutella or pb

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