Do you need to have a passport to fly to places within Canada, if you are from Canada?

Answer #1

I would guess no, as long as you have an ID. I know in my country if you fly within the country all you need is identification. However getting a passport might not be a bad idea, they do last very long before they have to be renewed.

Answer #2

no you dont need a passport just ID

Answer #3

No, you do not. My son flew to Vancouver (from Ontario) last year and only needed his birth certificate and his student card. Though, I would suggest checking with the airport just incase the laws have changed any since then.

Answer #4

Nope yu don’t have to! I travel a lot in Canada and I live in canada and I don’t have to hav a passport

Answer #5

No you don’t. They will ask for picture ID when you board the plane (a driver’s licence should suffice).

Answer #6

No You Don’t.. It’s When You Leave The Country

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