Passport ...canada ! Please help!

So my passport expired and I didnt even know until just now and I leave to go to canada this friday were driving there and I just wanted to now if I could use my birth certificate instead of my passport? Cause its to late renew my passport now itll take 3 weeks to get it back

Answer #1

Probably not because it doesn’t have your picture on it. Anybody could walk up with a birth certificate and say it’s theirs which is why they require the passport and not just a birth certificate. If anything, a birth certificate, social security card, and a photo ID with a signature on it (licence or formal ID) would be the best identification presenter, but I doubt they’ll accept that either. You have to pay for a passport and it is the way of recording where you went (not for you but for the government). Without a passport, they can’t keep track of that. I doubt it. I would call the passport agency to find out.

Answer #2

Yes you do tory666…it’s was only recently put into effect.

Answer #3

u dont need a passport to drive to canda. at least thats what my parents told me

Answer #4

No, you have to have a valid passport or a NEXUS card.

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