Who else has taken part in 'No Shave November'?

I did! But only ‘cause I’ve been too lazy to do it so I just used it as an excuse.. only my legs though. I’m not an animal, ahah :L

Answer #1

Heh, not myself. Pretty much every male friend I have and my boyfriend did though. It’s fairly popular here.

Answer #2

Definatly not me. I feel disgusting when i dont shave my body. Even pregnant i still take the time to shave under my arms and legs daily, and my private areas weekly. I dont like body hair and dont feel “sexy” when im hairy.

Answer #3

It actually feels kinda nice. And ‘cause it’s so cold no one sees my legs unless I want them to, and if I want them to then what I’m offering them outweighs the horror of a little hair ;]

Answer #4

Ew. No fricken way. >:l I hate having body hair >.>

Answer #5

I totally agree lol

Answer #6

I think… we need picture proof… Lol

Answer #7

Of the leg fur? I just tried but my webcam is shiiit ¬¬ you’ll just have to believe me that it’s about 7mm long :L I feel like a caveman

Answer #8

not me i have gymnastics

Answer #9

I took my place in it, good fellow. I had nearly a badger’s weight in the facial growth alone, and the local riff raff was that all the adolescents would be running amok, unshaven and unladen for atleast two fort nights. I considered jumping into the mess myself, hence my position now. And I must say that at the end of this calendar month, I have acquired quite the bushel of fur along the ol’ meal ticket here.

Answer #10

Nope, I wax, and because of the way the seasons fall, my legs are always smooth in November. My boyfriend did the Movember thing once. He looked like a hobo. I wasnt impressed.

Answer #11

Alot of people here have also done it here. *I myself think it is nasty as can be; I think people should keep themself clean &decent looking.

Answer #12

Uhm, a man can be clean and decent looking with a beard? And a woman can look clean and decent with her hairy legs covered? That’s a bit judgemental and prejudiced if you think hairy people are unclean and indecent. Frankly it’s quite rude.

Answer #13

Lolol nice. And waxing is cheating! D: ahaha

Answer #14

I bet you’re proud of it ;D

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