Is it true that if you shave a part of your body it will grow back

Is it true that if you shave a part of your body, like your pubic hair, it will grow back thicker? God I hope not.

Answer #1

Well first off don’t buy any creams which burn the hair off because they never work anywhere near as well as they claim Waxing is the best option because the hair grows back much slower since you’re ripping the roots out and it will be softer aswell You can also soap up and shave it off, less people get a shaving rash this way than just shaving in the shower =]

Answer #2

ya, listen to gay guy and the blonde, wax your pubes.

Answer #3

It may not be that evident at first but after a year or so your hair will definately grow back thicker, coarser and faster. I don’t recommend it, but if you really hate your hair, try waxing or some over form of removal.

Answer #4

Maybe some peoples hair doesnt like being shaved then? Some people must get a worse reaction to it than others

Answer #5

It’s true Shaving your chest is the worst, more hairs appear each time Waxing might stop it, I hear the hair grows in smooth and not as thick that way

Answer #6

I’ve never found it to be the case and I shave down there all the time.

Answer #7

yeah its true! where did you get the idea that its not??

Answer #8

no you will be fine, I think be groomed down there is a good thing.

Answer #9

crabs? huh? no I just didn’t like the hair it looked gross to me and I hated it. and I have a razor.

Answer #10

why’d you shave your pubes? did you get… crabs?

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