How many are doing no-shave November?

I can’t grow a beard D= but I’ve got a creepy creeper mustache and some sick sideburns ={D>

Answer #1

Not me, but three of my male colleagues are. Shaving their hair is a great cause for a worthy charity but the rest are going to apply a temporary hair colour on our hair for the day so that is part of our contribution. Everyone should take part, if they are afraid to shave it all off, the other option is to apply a temporary dye or colour mousse to the hair.

Answer #2

Hahah I’m not.

Answer #3

I would like to but im not a dude so that would be creepy haha im not

Answer #4

The ol’ grizzly adams is comin in thick and luxuriant like every winter. What’s this no shave november business?

Answer #5

The teachers at my old high school are doing that, except instead of just not shaving, they’re growing mustaches that are the same as famous ones, e.g. Mario XD

Answer #6

Where I live we do “movember” where men (and some women) grow mustaches. Sadly I can’t grow one though.

Answer #7

Sure, same as the rest of the year {:^)

Answer #8

Eww no that’s just gross:P XD me no do that:)

Answer #9

Definitely not. It’s gross and cissexist and it really does nothing for the cause :/ Donating money AND not shaving I could understand, but hair won’t sponsor research.

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