What do parents mean by "talk about life in general"?

Is this literally life in general or is this code for something?

Answer #1

Did they say they wanted to talk to you about life in general?

Answer #2

You’re being paranoid. Stop. They just want to know what is going on with you. No codes or hidden messages. Since you became a teenager you’ve been acting like you’re in the secret service and everything about your life is a matter of national security. They just want a little glimpse into your life

Answer #3

No they said its none of my business

Answer #4

They aren’t going to talk to me, they said I cant be there when they talk

Answer #5

they probably mean talk about what is happening in your life (school, friends, your interests, your problems etc)

Answer #6

It means that what they are discussing doesn’t concern you.

Answer #7

Ah, then whatever they’re discussing is none of your business. And no, obviously they’re not talking about life in general or they wouldn’t ask you to leave.

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