How to convince my parents im not talking to 'strangers'?

I’m 13 and go go on a social site and msn a lot but everytime I talk to my friends or just people I know, especially boys my mum and dad want to know who it is and how old they are and how I know them and loadsa stuff about them and it gets really annoying. And whenever I want to go out somewhere with friends like to the park or town they ask me if im meeting someone off the interned and who im meeting and they ring me like every 5 minutes. What can I say to convince them that I do really know the people im talking to and that im not going to meet people I dont know?

Answer #1

parents are just like that. I’m 22 and they’re still like that to me. I know it gets annoying but I tell them to trust how they raised me.

I also agree to bring your friends to your house so your parents will know they’re real and not ‘strangers’.

Answer #2

Bring these people to your home to work on homework with you or just to meet your parents.


I agree with your parents. What they are doing is what every good CARING parent should be doing. You should be thankful that you have a Mom and Dad that are concerned for your safety and well-being.

You are a very lucky young lady. Good Luck!!

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