Why do parents think they can forbid you from doing something, but then they go and do it??

Answer #1

Well you’re nineteen. If you’ve got a problem, quit being a lazy turd, get a job if you don’t have one and move out. Boom, no more having to listen to your parents.

Answer #2

LOL ok….. I am not lazy…..and yes I have a job…..

Answer #3

What are they forbidding you from doing? Techincally since you’re 19 you can choose to do whatever you want, for the most part.

Answer #4

By the way, could you give an example? I’m having trouble thinking of what your parents could be being hypocritical about? If you’re going to vent, be more thorough =P

Answer #5

because most parents are complete hypocrites.

Answer #6

._. Or trying to protect their children. Certain things aren’t legal at a young age and parents shouldn’t just let kids go wreck themselves. Most parents are not hypocrites. They’re there to take care of you and that’s what most try to do.

Answer #7

oh i know parents are just trying to watch out for whats best for their children, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t hypocrites. they do, or have done, everything they preach against, which, no matter how you look at it, makes them hypocrites. its not necessarily a bad thing, just a fact.

Answer #8

Well this is kinda stupid. My parents wont allow me to drink in the house. I’m not mad that I can’t drink, but I don’t think it’s fair that they get drunk in the house, not to mention my 3yr old lil sister is in the house…..

Answer #9

U agree with u Sam

Answer #10

I meant “I” agree

Answer #11

You’re not 21 so maybe they don’t want you breaking the law? Plus they could prob get in trouble.

Answer #12

U can look under above ur answer 2 c what I’m talking about.

Answer #13

That could be a reason, but if they’re going to tell me not to do something, they could @ least do it responsibly.

Answer #14

Ehhh, it does seem silly that they won’t let you drink in the house and they do themselves, but it is their property so there really isn’t much you can do about it in those terms. And no, I don’t think they would get in trouble for letting their nineteen year old son drink under their roof. People can drink in restaurants when accompanied by their parents when they’re underage. The being twenty-one drinking law is stupid anyways, in my opinion. Doesn’t change it for you though unfortunately.

Answer #15

well….I suppose ur right….

Answer #16

lazy turd lol

Answer #17

Well heres the deal, you’re 19, theyre much older. the law says you have to be 21 to drink. they probly dont ant you to drink because its a bad habbit and although they do it they do it under their roof which is the most responisble thing to do, rather than going to a bar to drink and having to drive home. yes you have a 3 yr old sister and its not good to show them that but you didnt specify how much they do it and how long so im assuming its not that much and it doesnt hurt to have a drink once in a while. Parents try to protect their children and think about it, theyve done just about everything they dont want you to do, because they know what its like and how bad it is for you. its just for your best intrest.

Answer #18

Lmfao Matty youre the best!!! I missed you! Parents wil keep you as a baby if they could. But know they just wanna keep you safe

Answer #19

They’re are allowed to drink, you’re not. Simple as that.

Answer #20


Answer #21

[1] They are allowed to do whatever they want in THEIR house, and you are not. You have to follow their rules, since you live under THEIR roof. If you don’t like the rules, move out.

[2] They are adults. Adults can do more than kids, and teens. They’re allowed to drink alcohol, since they are of legal age. You’re not.

[3] They may have done the same things they are telling you not to do, but that only means they want better for you. They don’t want you to turn out like them, or go through what they did. They are trying to protect you.

Answer #22

Well, no offense to anybody who is some kind of law abiding citizen, but these days nobody follows those kind of laws. so i think the “law” shouldnt be a factor right now. so many kids go out and do dru.gs and get drunk and prostitute themselves for money, basically living in the streets and then they come home to almos the same thing. but some kids come home to a very stable home and yet they still do those things. i think its that your parents dont want you picking up the wrong kind of habbits, they worry you’ll be become a drunk as they have become. remember that the law wont always stop people

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