How do i buy percocet without prescription?

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It's illegal to buy narcotic painkillers without a prescription. And do NOT purchase them from the internet, no matter what country they come from -- it's breaking the law and you can get in serious trouble. If you truly need painkillers, your physician would be able to tell and would give you some, but only if absolutely necessary. They are HIGHLY addictive and result in more deaths by overdose than those caused by heroin and cocaine both. This is because they lose their effectiveness, so people keep increasing the number of pills they take until it eventually destroys them. My advice is: Unless you have a truly painful debilitating illness, stay away from them.

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you don't because if you needed them you wouldn't be online asking, you'd be writhing in pain. Since you are feeling well enough to ask, suck it up and quit trying to run away from having to feel pain.

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