What are some online jobs for a 17 year old female, with no experience, and currently attending college to get her GED?

I really want a job I can do online. I don’t know exactly what kind of jobs there are, and how I can go about getting them. Also, I want to know if there is any of them that will hire me, I am 17, no experience, and currently trying to get my GED. Are there any online jobs that actually aren’t scams? Any ideas?

Answer #1

It would be best to get an actual job, most of the jobs online I scams and don’t pay you like they say they will. I know cause I tried finding a job online and friends told me I was wasting my own time. At least with an actual job, you get paid hourly and you know who your working with.

Answer #2

*are scams

Answer #3

Youre better off studying for web or graphic design or programming, then they might hire you.

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