Leave old job off resume? Old boss lying/bad-mouthing me.

Do I keep it off my resume? What should I do?

I moved to a new area and getting a job proved to be difficult. After several months of unemployment, I ended up landing a job. My manager had it out for me on day 1, although I was liked and respected by my other co-workers. (She may have been jealous of me because I was much more educated and experienced than her). I stayed for several miserable months, and finally quit recently.

I’m on the job hunt again and don’t know if I should keep that job off my resume or not. My former manager has been making up lies and saying terrible things about me. I worry that if I have that job on my resume, in addition to questions about why my stay was so short, they’ll contact my former employer and end up talking with her.

What should I do?

Answer #1

If you leave that job off your resume than you will have to explain your gap in employment as well.

It is very rare that old employers will say much of anything. The policy of most businesses is to only confirm job title and dates of employment.

One thing you can do is to get a friend to call your former employer to confirm information and see what they say.

good luck!

Answer #2

you could try a internet job.

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