What do you think of people who have a child to save another child with an illness?

Answer #1

I’m not sure what you are asking, your question doesn’t make sense…could you clarify please?

Answer #2

Well I have heard of people that have one child with some type of disease, and they can’t find a donor, so they have another child, which includes a lot of scientific work, to have another child in hopes of them being able to donate whatever the first child may need

Answer #3

Are you refering to My sisters keeper?

Answer #4

I think their low and unfair. You supposed to love your children equally and by having another to save the previous child in shelfish and shows you love the 1st child more. In my opinion

Answer #5

I could understand that they are trying to save a child, but I find it a little cruel and unusual to have a child only to harvest body items from. They shoulldn’t have a child under those intentions. That’s not in the best interest of the second child at all, and it isn’t very humane.

Answer #6

I agree.

Answer #7

that’s the first thing that I thought about too, that was a good movie even though that’s what it was about.

Answer #8

I’m talking about the book :P But yea I agree with simplychallenging up there :P

Answer #9

The book is farmore better than the moive and Im picky about what I will read, but I did like the book.

Answer #10

No I wasn’t refering to that, I have never heard of my sisters keeper. Actually I heard on the new that a child in England, I think it was, well they sucessfully transplanted a kidney from one child to the other, and that’s the reasoning for haveing the second child, for a kidney

Answer #11

Thats Exactly what happened in my sisters keeper too…. >.< And yeah, I love reading the movie sucked

Answer #12

I don’t think we can really judge unless we have been in this exact situation. When your child is slowly dying right in front of you, and the only way for them to survive is to have another child and transplant an organ, who would really then turn around and say ‘actually.. nah it’s all good. That might be a little unfair to the 2nd child…’. Of course it will be unfair and maybe a bit traumatic in later years. But the 2nd child would not have been born anyway, so even though they had to give up a kidney… they got a life. It’s not like the parents are going to love the 2nd child any less, if anything they would cherish the child more, because they helped save their brother/sister. I see where everyone is coming from here, and I am inclined to agree with you all. But I don’t think we can judge on this so lightly.

Answer #13

I also agree with this.

Answer #14

I think that as long as the second child is loved, it shouldn’t matter why they were brought into the world. If anything, I think it would bring the siblings closer together - imagine being the person who saved your sister’s/brother’s life, and had you not been born, they may have died. My cousin had leukemia, and although her little sister was barely old enough to understand (she knew she had to have an operation to save her sister’s life, but didn’t know what it meant), she gave her bone marrow to save her life and the two of them are inseparable.

Answer #15

That is a very sad and happy story, and a very good point I may ad

Answer #16

I thought of this right away too:) yet to read the book but I cried during the movie:’(

Answer #17

watch my sisters keeper (it’s a movie)

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