How many parents are ashamed to ask questions of your child's doc?

This is something I would like to know, just out of curiosity, simply because I always ask a ton of questions, which I think they like, as the hospital where I take my 3-yr-old is also a university. What is the reason behind not asking? Why would asking make anyone a bad parent? I mean, no one is born knowing how to be a parent and the knowledge does not just come automatically when you child is born. Most of the people who tried to tell me what to do with my daughter (my dad, who wanted me to give her away, random people at the bus stop, in restaurants, later, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law) really annoyed me, simply because I was not asking for their help. I would just really like other parents opinions on this subject.

Answer #1

Are you asking about asking your doctor questions or your family and strangers? if its the doctors I always ask them the qustions I can think of if I take them in when they are ill but some doctors brush you of because they are so busy and then that makes you feel like an idiot. I dont really care ill still ask my questions until they get answered. I wont move until I get an answer!!

Answer #2

Definitely make a list like flossheal says. Often you get so wrapped up in what is going on you forget everything you wanted to ask.

Some questions are more embarassing than others. Believe you me your doctor has probably seen or heard almost everything several times so nothing you say will be too shocking. Personally I find it easier to talk to women about embarassing things so when possible I go to woman doctors.

Answer #3

I write a list of the questions I want to ask, otherwise I panic and forget them when I’m there! You should ask questions - in my experience doctors enjoy answering them, and aren’t shocked that you didn’t know in the first place. But I agree that it’s hard to do that.

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