Should people be required to take some sort of test, before being allowed to have a child?

Especially young people, and when I say test…I mean some sort of test to ensure the people know how to take care of a baby, are financially and emotionally able to take of a baby, etc…

What do you think? Should people be required to take some sort of test before being allowed to have a child? Why or why not?

Answer #1

That’s what people thought back then. Highschoolers would take the fake baby home to see how hard it is to raise one. But they don’t do that in much schools anymore, I think they should bring it back because lots of girls get pregnant and drop out. It should be required. :)

Answer #2

Should they, yes i personally believe they should have too. Unfortunatly that takes away peoples rights and its immoral and wont happen. I do believe that parents should be required to take parenting classes while the mother is pregnant though. In the end, you cant take away the right to reproduce from citizins…i wish you could thouggh.

Answer #3

Uhm no i think that is crazy.Mothers learn about their babies on their’s a journey.It’s their kid and nobody should tell them what to do.thats pretty much like not minding your own buisiness in my opinion.Kids are raised differently.So what.Most teen mothers are just as good as regular older mothers.

Answer #4

It could never be a law though, because its impossible to stop persons from having s3x.

Answer #5

haha its like you drop the fake baby on its head and u have to wear an “unfit parent” tag all the time lol.

Answer #6

No, most teen mothers are not just as good as older mothers. Older mothers have good paying jobs, a place to live, a reliable car, etc…

Answer #7


Answer #8

I agree, teen parents have parents themselves, and most of them still want to party and leave thee child with there parents while they go make another one. I know I could never have afforded a child till I was 20, and I could barley make it then.

Answer #9

Exactly, i mean i love babies and kids and all but i would never be as selfish as to have one when im so young u know? and then i see teens not so much older then me thinking they can handle it and it makes me furious

Answer #10

I would think it would be a good idea to get them to do a financial, educational and plain simple common sense test. The things that some parents do with a child around is just plain stupid. However like Mandyloo said it wouldn’t be fair. You do get exceptions of people who shouldn’t have bred in the first place having proper kids. Also there would be no way to implement such a system.

Answer #11

Military school is the answer, keep the sexes apart. Girls distract boys in school, and boys do the same for girls. They don’t have the sense to keep pants on till they have at least moved out on there own. If you live with your parents, or live off someone else cause you can not afford to make it on your own, there is no reason for you to have sex.

Answer #12

I HAD THIS IDEA! One day I was like, you know what? I think everyone should have to pass an I.Q tst before they can have a baby, if they don’t pass the test then it’s illegal for them to have sex UNLESS they have a sperate bank account spcifically for ab.ortions. They must have enough money for an abo.rtion before they’re allowed to have sex.

Answer #13

Haha i love ur answer

Answer #14

Well, why would you ever have a child, when you are a child, and everything you get in life is handed to you from your parents.

Answer #15

Okay.teen moms are pretty good moms.they may not be rich.and they might need help from their parents in their situation but they learn motherhood as any other mother does as the baby grows up.getting rid of the baby surely isn’t the answer.your not getting rid of your baby it just makes you a mother of a dead baby.k(:Teens should also use protection i know that but sometimes something happens.And most of them try their best to care for their mistakes.some don’t but it’s their problem i guesss.

Answer #16

killing the baby is selfish because it was your mistake.

Answer #17

You don’t have to be rich to care for, and financially support a baby…but you do need to have a decent, steady job making enough to financially support the child. Also, handing the baby over to your parents every time you want to go party, or hang out is selfish. “killing the baby is selfish because it was your mistake.” No, having a baby because they are cute is selfish…

Answer #18

I agree with Angelee on this one.

Answer #19

I think that people should be required to take part in a parental course before they have their first child. I can appreciate and understand that a lot of mothers learn things along the way with their children, but because there are a lot of young people are having kids these days, that’s not always such a safe or smart idea to follow. Children need safety, structure, and they need a parent that will be able to provide for them in all ways. It’s not fair for a child to grow up in a less well environment simply because their parent didn’t know better.

Answer #20

If you can not support a child by yourself, you should not have sex, that could lead to the creation of a baby. Even if you use protection there is still a chance that you could get pregnant. Ask my wife, with our first child, we where not ready, but we did not live with our parents, it was hard at first to support us and our child, but we did. I was 20 when we had our first. Also if you want to go to college, you might think it is hard when you are single, it is much hard when you have homework and children.

Answer #21

I do not think you can compare the fake baby to a real one, and I do not think this is a suitable test to see if you are ready for a child.

Answer #22

Yes! I think people should be required to take a test. You take a test to drive. Why not procreate. We’ve got parenting classes where I work, and I think everyone should have to take those classes before they have a kid. Here’s the problem though. I mean apart from the fact it would be impractical. It is possible to know what the right answers are and still be a bad parent. Intelligence actually helps, and if you’re smart enough, you could answer the questions correctly and still be a bad parent (I know of situations like this, where the person is obviously not a very good parent but has still got good scores). Unlike a car which you can practice in the parking lot, you can’t practice on a child… But the amount of really bad parents I see (not surprisingly most had kids when they were teens, who woulda thought, someone who makes poor decisions is more likely to be a poor parent), I really wish they’d institute a mandatory class in high school. And the walking around with the flour bag is just stupid. It doesn’t teach them anything.

Answer #23

I was sooo waiting for you to post ty… :)

Answer #24

aw :)

Answer #25

A test would be impossible to enforce. People would just get pregnant and then what? Would you force them to abort if they failed the test? That’s immoral on so many levels and something like that would never be accepted. The initial idea is good, but from then on there is no feasible way for it to be carried out without people losing their freedom. Like mandyloo said, pregnant mothers should have to attend parenting classes. You can’t take away people’s rights to have children. They try in China, but it’s disgusting. Killing babies because the government doesn’t want them. They have a population issue so they have more of a reason than “unfit mothers” but it’s still wrong. I don’t agree with a test, no.

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