What color would the puppies come out?

If a light brown and white dog and puppies with a black and white dog what color would the puppies come out?

The girl is brown and the guy is black

Answer #1

Black is a dominant gene…but it depends also, on what the grandparents’ color, …you’d probably get a couple pups that are black and white, and and couple that look like their mom…Mixed batch.


Answer #2

I think most of them would come out brown & a few would be black or white & black together or brown & white together. You just have to wait until she has the puppies to see. Good luck =)

Answer #3

Yes you would need to know what the dominant gene is, I know with my Chihuahua’s they have not had a puppy that looked like each one of there parents yet. but they both have a white chest and so far all puppies had that white chest. It can go back far in the line and you would be suprised how it can be mixed up. With cats especially wild cats you never know because one liter can have more than one father.

Answer #4

umm you can make a punnet square and figure it out

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