On the pill but can i still ejaculate inside her?

My girlfriend is about to go on the pill and I was wondering can I ejaculate inside her? If so what are the chances of her getting pregnant?

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It's 99% effective and it takes a month to get the full effect (if she takes it everday at the same time). Most likely you won't be in that 1% that it fails for, although I also thought it would work for me and then 40 weeks later I welcomed my first son into the world.

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it takes about 1 month for the pill to go into effect...so wait a month...and if your still worried about getting her prego...get some spermicide for her...and it will significantly lower the risk of her getting prego :]] hope this helps :]

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after a month you have about a 1% chance of her getting pregnant its very efficant

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It's 50, 50 I see it that way cause not always will the pill protect against pregnancy or std's

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Only Abstinence is 100%.

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Birth control is 99 plus percent effective. My boyfriend and I have been doing it without a condom for three years. I constantly have his sperm inside me and never worried about being pregnant.

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if she is on the pill there is not even a single percentage of getting pregnant. so have a great time

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