periods after pill...

me and my guy messed up the day I was expecting my period…or say just 1-2 days were left to get my monthly periods. He did use a condom , didnt ejaculate in me…nothing of that sort happend…he just put it in me (wid a condom) and when he took out, the condom ws torn off…it happened twice… Although both of us kept dry , no cumm inside, but to be on safer side, I took the I-pill (emergency contracep. pill), within half an hr… However, I m not getting my periods on time. its 31st day now…I get a regular period otherwise (start anytime from 21st day to 29th day)… when will I get my periods…pls share info.

Answer #1

..also, that since I was dry to I was expecting my date…his di*k did cause little bleeding then

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