Birth control can i still get pregnant if he cums inside?

if im on birth control and he cums inside me, can I still get pregnant?

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hun thats what birth control is for.
yes you can still get pregnant
but its a 99% chance you wont.

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It's depends on how long you have been taking the pill. Aslong as you have been following the doctors advice on it then no it's very unlikely. However the pill doesn't stop you getting STI's. So best use a condom as well I'd say.

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I would love to know where all you kids are at on the days that sex education is being taught??!! The majority of girls on this site asking the questions that I have seen helps me to understand the real reason behind the increase in teenage pregnancy. That answer is sheer ignorance.
The pill is 99 to 99.9% effective, you should not become pregnant while taking it IF!! you have followed instructions; use an additional source of protection the 1st mth you are on the pill (condom.spermicide, contraceptive gel, etc), take ýour pill at the same time every day and if you miss a pill take it as soon as you think of it.
I think you girls are taking such huge risks every time you have sex without knowledge. Young girls are already a statistic when they become pregnant, I would hate to see so maný more become a statistic twice again---the 1st when they contract HIV and the 2nd being when converted to full-blown AIDS and become a statistic in the death rate from AIDS. Girls, educate yourselves!!! If you don't know something, look it up??!!!
Don't go into these physical relationships blindly, educate yourself and refuse to be intimate with someone else who is not.
Sorry, didn't mean to get on my soapbox ladies, but with all the crazy questions I have seen on here, I am scared for u. You are young, beautiful, and intelligent young women with your whole lives ahead of you. Don't ruin that by getting pregnant young, or acquiring Herpes_---which you can never get rid of, or worse---acquiring a death sentence. careful. Please? (•:

can you get pregnant even if you use condoms and birth control pill
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no thats why its called birth control

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im on the birth control the Nuva ring. Am I still highly affective of getting pregnant? Only been on for 3 months

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yes you can get prego because its only 99% affective

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