Advantages and disadvantages of being a monk?

Ok finishing up my project right now..and I need help on the last part..what is 2 or 3 advantages of being a monk..and what is 2 or 3 disadvantages of being one?

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you would be seperate from general society
your basic needs are more or less all taken care of
you can make brandy

never have sex
have to follow what someone else is telling you to believe
taking vows of celibacy, silence, poverty- etc.

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Most monks are of the Buddhist religion, so I would have to say a disadvantage is eternal suffering under Gods wrath in Hell.

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You get to drink beer and wear cool robes with nothing underneath. Those are the only reasons to become a monk!

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But keep in mind monks dont really see them as disadvantages they are very humble and content with what they have.

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advantages --- no women to tell you what to do
disadvantages --- see above

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...monks... of WHAT religion?

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