Will i get in trouble if i leave home?

ok...so if I decide to leave home when I turn 18 I cant get in trouble with my parents if they said I cant leave...right??
because really im miserable here..
but I realize this is a big decision ill choose carefully

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Captainjess. If you want to leave at 18, yes you won't get in trouble legally. Yes your parents can't stop you. The real question here is, can you live with yourself knowing that you hurt your parents? It's sad how parents love their children so very much and once the kids turn 18, they think they know all. You can do anything you want but my advice for you is to at least give your parents the respect they deserve. They always say "your kids will do to you the way you did your parents". It's like what goes around comes around.

If you move out with your parents being very upset then you get a call that they both died in a car accident the next day, will you be able to live with the fact that you left it that way? Is it important to you that your parents know that you love them? The truth is within you. Only you have the answers.

I'm all for it if you feel you must move out but don't move out in a bad situation. Don't move out to "run away" from your parents/the problems. You can run away from them physically but not emotionally. If you feel you have to move out, explain to them how you feel and tell them how they feel do matter to you but you need time and space on your own. They're just worried about you as you will worry about your own child. Putting yourself in their shoes does help ease anger/hurts.

I hope I was able to help you out a little. Take care and do choose wisely.

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No you can leave home when you're 17 and the police will just say that there is nothing that they can do about it because you're grown. Trust me my sister did it when she was 17 and now she has a job goes to school and has a house

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your parents can't stop you and will probably tell you off but you can't get into trouble legally because you are over age and should be able to decide for your own life now

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Your parents will be mad.
But they can't do anything about it.

It doesn't matter what they say.
YOu can move out.
And you won't get into any trouble with the law.

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Please try to remember this: When you are older, married, kids. . . .you'll look back on your life and either feel proud of your accomplishments or you will regret many experiences. The later is very hard to live with.

What you do today will affect the rest of your life, so make good, mature decisions, and put God first, others second, and yourself last, that way you will ahead of the game called 'adulthood.' Then you will be able to look your future square in the face and feel good inside...Think about it

PS Your parents love and cherish you, treat them with respect

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Well you can get in trouble with your parents..because they will be annoyed and upset from leaving no matter what age you are. However you can't get in trouble with the law, you are legally allowed to leave your home at 18.
Yes and please do choose carefully and don't make any rational decisions :)
Good luck ;)

Ugh why wont he leave me alone!!!

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Your parents cant tell you what to do if you are over age. You want to move out, go ahead, they cant stop you.

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THANK YOU (: ( winks back) haha

Leave underage.

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