Pregnant and need to tell my parents

I think I’m pregnant but I don’t konw how to tell my parents, so what am I to do?

Answer #1

Im in the same position and im completely stuck, so if you ever want to talk, im here. xx

Answer #2

Definitely confirm that you’re pregnant before you tell them. It is hard for parents to hear that their little girl is going to be a mother, but just remember that they love you no matter what. They might be upset, but eventually it will pass and they will come to accept it. Just come out with it and tell them, don’t try to hide it. Let them be there for you if you are pregnant because you are definitely going to need plenty of support.

Answer #3

Definitely confirm your pregnancy first - get a test if you’ve missed your period.

Answer #4

Did you miss your period? Get a pregnancy test and find out for sure.

Answer #5

There’s nothing to be shy until your parents know who is the babies father.

Answer #6

You should NOT tell your parents until you are sure that you are pregnant. You need to get a friend, close family member, boyfriend etc, to get you a pregnancy test ASAP and find out if you are or not.

If you are - You have to tell your parents right away. There is no easy way to tell them that you are pregnant- and you can expect them to be upset at first. Although remember, that you are their baby girl and although they are upset, they will come around and they will be there for you no matter what. You need their help more than you even know. You will need to get on some form on health insurance (medicaid) because your parents insurance will not cover your pregnancy. You will also need to see a doctor asap because you and the baby need to make sure you are both healthy and you need to start prenatel vitamins.

If you arent - LEARN from this experience. Learn to use protection and get yourself on birth control.

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