Should Obama be re-elected; why or why not and will Romney do any better?

Answer #1

n o he shouldn’t be re-elected he has done nothing for this country except drag us backwards and take vacations- and then there was that little new york ground zero fly over oops.he hasn’t lived up to his hype- he hasn’t lived up to his promise of stepping down if things are not better he needs to go and become a foot note of one of the worst presidents in US history.

question is can romney do any worse?

Answer #2

id rather have Obama. Obama kept us out of a sure both of them are great people.but id rather have Obama

Answer #3

Obama should be reelected. Considering his greatest achievement, to me, is his stab at universal healthcare. I don’t know about you but that’s something that this nation needs, a place where sick people can go and get treated without having to worry about medical expenses and whatnot.

And if anything, I’d vote for him even if he was incompetent. Romney, if I remember, had a soundbite where he mentioned that he was in favor of sending troops back to the east. That raises a serious red flag for me considering this takes an almost pro war stance and will just redirect expenses back towards the military.

Answer #4

Review the numbers of HIS policies, not only listen to the ‘in the tank/fawning’ Media spin..Debt/CRUSHING FUTURE Debt placed on ours & future generations to come..consider the unborn ‘INCONVENIENCES’ not gifts from God..ignore polls of the people’s desires and Force HealthCare down their throats, making back-room secret deals/payoffs..TRANPARENCEY?..Dependency State..Status in the World..Apology Tours..Hate the Rich - used to be known as ‘the Successful’, pitting American against American - Blame ALL & take NO responsibility..CONSTANTLY claim “ I “, not “ We “..This election Clear: America or Obama

Answer #5

Yes, Romney can do much worse. The only thing Romney has promised to do is to return to the very policies that caused our nation’s problems in the first place; Reckless tax cuts a and deregulation. Republicans have been running our country into the ground for most of the last 30 years so you can’t fault Obama for not being able to undo all of that damage in a mere 4 years; especially when the Republican minority have done everything they can to obstruct and subvert the will of the people for their own partisan objectives.

Answer #6

hanji yushugi…Have you TAken a vacation in 4 years???? this man works monday though sunday 24 hours day always is on call..and lets put the entire wait of over 300,000 million people on your shoulders and see if you wouldent want a vacation???????? everonne needs a vaction once and a while epically him

Answer #7

Hate the rich??? what bull of the richest men in the world even said ..what is going why is my secretary paying more in taxes then me????? i think the rich should pay more in taxes them some poor person.and IM NOT EVEN POOR

Answer #8

And I should have pointed out that President Obama has taken less time for vacation than President Reagan and both President Bushes. President Obama has taken more vacation than Presidents Clinton and Carter though.

Answer #9

No and no.

You guys over there desperately need a third and fourth party to kick out the old ones and bring some fresh wind. Re-consider that voting system and build something where you can have more than two parties.

Answer #10

U didnt answer the question should he be elected

Answer #11

Mandating we buy health insurance is a far cry from providing health care. Candidate Obama realized the ramifications of such a decree… and attacked his rival Hillary Clinton… who was one of the original proponents of “Hillarycare” back in the early 90’s when she was first lady. Romney, as Governor of Massachusetts, was the first executive to implement mandatory health insurance. This notion that mandatory health insurance is a feather in the cap of one candidate, but not the other, is just another example of the level of obfuscation the people in this country have succumbed to. In my mind… it’s reason enough to disavow both candidates.

Answer #12

That may be a fair say but it’s at least a step taken towards something that can be good for the nation as a whole. While worrying about the budget of this nation being double punctured by expenses, if the people are not taken care of then the priorities of the nation are out of order. Regardless of how the politicians play the game, it doesn’t change the fact that this is something good for the people. It honestly doesn’t matter what the candidates do against each other; if they have a centrally good idea that can benefit the people then I’m all for the proposition, not the candidate. As for the excerpt of HR 3962, the main focus of the bill is to make it affordable. While it’s not the greatest thing to be taxed for not having health insurance, people have yet to take a stance at a similar issue. (car insurance?) Now if the main concern is the ethics of the politicians then you and I are not on the same page.

Answer #13

Nevermind the excerpt from HR 3962… that video predated the final bill’s passage and we know that the official bill didn’t include the imprisonment provision. The reason that I offered the video was to contrast President Obama’s position with Candidate Obama’s. In my opinion… Candidate Obama knew that mandated insurance was a bad idea… and he gave reasons. The reason is that insurance is not health care. Insurance is an extra burden on people… that they cannot afford… and it is no guarantee of health care coverage. If the main focus of the bill was to make insurance affordable… that should tell you that the focus was to sell insurance… and not provide health care for the people… I’m afraid if you believe otherwise… you are being sold a pig in a poke. Furthermore… we cannot… nor should we try to extrapolate the intentions behind identical actions. Doing so only shows evidence of how far propaganda has propagated. To argue that one politician skinned his cat for good reasons… while the other skinned his cat for bad reasons, seems to me like the epitome of true believer syndrome.

Answer #14

Fist sentence says “No and No.” First no as in “No he should not be re-elected”. And second no as in “No I do not thing Romney will do any better”. Asking whether you should elect Obama or Romney is like asking whether you should rather contract pest or cholera. My answer is “Neither”. I know you don’t have that option right now, but I really do not thing it makes a great difference whether you elect one or the other. That’s Democracy: You may vote but you don’t really have a choice. If voting would make a difference, it would be illegal.

Answer #15

No, obama has spent more money than any other president and if your christian he told a catholic church to cover all their crosses. hes the anti christ. Obama did promise somehing … Change. But its change we didnt need.

Answer #16

Auctly it was bush who psent the most money, Hes a christian and he did change alot of things that republicans love to change and twist to make him seem bad but in all reality its the republicans being childish and trying their hardest, there no better anyway the only thing they think about it it get obama out and repeal obamacare, well where going to go into a bigger whole right after that,and really change isnt what we didnt need? where have you been where in a recession because of bush and obama is helping, im guessing you watch FOX news?

Answer #17

And too note George W. Bush spent the most with 19.1 Trillion dollars

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