Does our President-Elect Obama smoke??

My mom told me a few days ago that she heard on a radio show that he does. and then I just saw a picuture of it. Does he really smoke?

Answer #1

He is a human being. He smokes, he attempts to quit. He has failings as do we all. He is now our President. I only pray that he attempts to cure our issues as he does his own failings. Let’s wish him well on BOTH.

Answer #2

When he announced his canidacy he said that he was going to try, after about a year he went out and said he hasnt quite yet. I would give him a break on that, trying to quite smoking while taking on one of the hardest jobs on the planet isnt easy.

Answer #3

Her question was simple, does he or does he not. she never said it mattered. And I really don’t know him that well to give you the answer you are looking for.

Answer #4

maybe the question should be “exactly WHAT is he smokin?” just kidn ..pls dont be hatin’

Answer #5

What does it matter if he smokes? He makes that decision and shouldn’t be judged for it.

Answer #6

What’s it matter if he does smoke? That’s what I dont get.

Answer #7

I know he used to smoke but he has promised to quit. Not sure if he has been successful yet.

Answer #8

Obama stopped smoking. period

Answer #9

Last I heard…he’s still “trying” to quit…


Answer #10

yeah, he does.

Answer #11

I never said it matters or not…cause it doesn’t. I just want to know. geeze…

Answer #12

its an addiction who cares if he smokes or not

Answer #13

who cares?

Answer #14

From listenting to the answers here…I believe smokers are no longer second class citizens!! YEAH!! :)

Answer #15

I think he’s one of those people that’re purpetually try to stop, which means, yes, he smokes.

Answer #16

I think he is trying to quit one of the hardest habits.

Answer #17

mandyloo,,,the question isnt whether it matters or not, just asking if he does,,,thats innocent enough… I saw pics of him too with a cig, but have never seen him actually “smoking” so I really cant say, but if he has a cig in his hand, most likely he does, but then again, people photoshop pics so much now…

Answer #18

I think he is still smoking and should not try to hide it. As long as buying tobacco is legal and, smoking it is legal as well, then he has nothing to be ashamed of. What he might should address is how so many public buildings have been proclaimed smoke-free environments when everyone’s tax dollars pay for those public buildings, smokers included. Smoking may be dangerous but unless it is illegal, smokers are being penalized and degraded because of their right to choose. Personally I think it should be illegal to forbid smoking on any public property that public tax dollars support especially when smokers pay so many more tax dollars than nonsmokers. Second hand smoke may be dangerous but equal provisions should be made for all. Doesn’t this sound a bit like the civil rights issue that President Obama just did so much to erase? Everyone should be treated equal. Smokers don’t mind avoiding nonsmokers. What they do mind is being completely left out.

Answer #19

I think he’s one of those people that’re purpetually try to stop, which means, yes, he smokes.

Don’t know what that means - but I wish him luck on the stopping smoking thing.

Answer #20

rickd, you watch bob the Builder, dont ya…LOL I have been subjected to him on behalf of my 4 yr old…lol (and a Bob the Builder b-day) “YES, WE CAN!!!” LOL

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