Nose or Lip percing?

Which would look better on me?

Answer #1


Answer #2

I’ve got both and it looks really good but here is some advice and take it from someone who did it dont percie your lip by yourself ohh yahh and I wear glasses when I cant find contactss sooo

Answer #3

You mean a nose stud? or an actual nose ring?

Answer #4

I have my lip pierced and I love it so I say lip LIP LIP LIP LIP LIP!!! :] :)

Answer #5

wait a nose ring would look better on u

Answer #6

I Have Both :)

Answer #7

with your glasses I would go with lip. but a nose would look good if you ever wear contacts or something

Answer #8

I’d go for lip. I wouldn’t want to have to clean boogers out of a peircing everyday. EEEWWW

Answer #9

I’d say lip

Answer #10

you have the face for a nose peircing it would look pritty

Answer #11

You have a really pretty face, so either would work, but I think with the larger glasses and the thicher frame a lip ring would look better, it be further away and more noticeable, I have thin small glasses that look amazing with a nose ring so you could also try new glasses

Answer #12

nose all the way, the lip gets caught on everything!

Answer #13

LIP!!! nose is so gross

Answer #14

both are nice…but if youre getting a nose, dont get a huge ring, get a tiny stud but I like lips, snake bites are radical and spiky ends too.

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