Normal to have daily white discharge?

Is it normal to have a white discharge in your panties daily??? Bcause I usually do and I hate it!!! It is usually worse when I am practicin sports or runnin!!!

Answer #1

Yeah its normal. I have the same problem and was always embarrassed by it. I tend to wear panties that are white or white with designs on it bc the discharge is barley noticable. On black or dark colors its way more noticable when it dries. But like the other girls said its perfectly normal!

Answer #2

If there’s no odor (like a foul fish smell) then I would guess that it is fine. Normally if you have an infection your discharge is thick and smells bad. So, if you haven’t noticed an odor then I wouldn’t worry about it.

Answer #3

well its not like that bad its just white and clear sometimes but usually white so…it looks like the color of milk but its not really runny at all!!! so what do you think now?

Answer #4

its normal, its your vaginas way of cleaning its self, when I first noticed it I fort it was something wrong, but its fine.

Answer #5

Yes it’s normal. Wear a panty liner if it bother’s you. By the way, when you say white do you mean like cottage cheese white (which could be a sign of an infection) or clear white which is normal?

Answer #6

yeah its fine I do to and yeah it pisses me off to

Answer #7

Yes its normal, I have it all the time

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